Bar Revisited

Hi everyone.  It’s so good to be back in the blogging mode.  I want to thank my mom who has been running this show solo for the past two weeks or so.  Since it’s the beginning of June, we want to revisit one of our most popular blog posts ever.  I did this project last June, and tons of people loved it.  I guess there are a lot of changing tables out there, and this is a great idea on how to use them once the diaper days are over.  Enjoy it once again.

My mom sent me a cute blog post from Heather over at Southern State of Mind.  She turned a baby changing table into an adorable bar.  I loved the idea and started my search for a baby changing table here in Syracuse.

Outdoor Bar

I found one on Craigslist for only $25, and it is in good shape.  As I was heading home from  picking it up, Mr. Spring happened to call to see how my day was going.  I told him I got a great Craigslist deal, and he figured I bought a dresser or end tables, etc.  When I told him it was a baby changing table, there was a long pause on his end, and then he asked what could I possibility do with a baby changing table. I told him  I would be turning it into an outdoor bar for our back porch or the patio that we built.  I could  all of a sudden hear some excitement about this baby changing table that was in the back of our car.


Changing table turned bar

Here is the before.



Changing table turned bar

I had no idea that changing tables had seat belts.  It was easy enough to remove since I didn’t need it for our bar.  I thought yellow would be a fun color to paint it, but I didn’t want it to look too babyish. So, I decided I would add some of the same gray that we have on our house’s exterior.



Changing Table turned Bar

 This is the yellow and gray.  I wasn’t happy with it.  I thought it looked ready to be in a nursery –  not as an outdoor bar.  That was the same thing Mr. Spring thought when he first saw it.  Since it was unadorned, it was easy enough to repaint.  I decided to use just the gray knowing that I could add pops of colors with the accessories.



Changing table turned bar

And here it is – baby station turned beverage station.


Changing Table Turned Bar

Since the color is basic, I had some fun with bright colorful accessories.



Changing table turned bar

This cute printable was hard to photograph with the glare.  It says ” A life without Love is like a year without Summer.”  There are a lot of cute and fun printables out there, and this one was from Landee See Landee Do.  I bought the little wooden frame for a dollar at Michaels.  I spray painted it with some paint leftover from a lamp project.



Paper Straws

I love the look of these paper straws.  They happened to have some at Michaels when I was getting the frame, so I thought they would be fun and cute.



Custom Koozies

For the second shelf I put our tray that we use all the time for carrying things from the kitchen  to our patio.  I also had a basket that I spray painted in this blue to store our custom koozies with our custom monogram.  If you are new to the blog, this monogram was given to Mr. Spring and me from my parents as an engagement gift.  I have used in many projects that you could do with your own monogram. (here , here, here) We ordered some koozies to have for parties to give our guests who come for a few days.  We love them, but of course, we are partial.


DIY Napkins

I wasn’t seeing any napkins that were as colorful as I wanted, so I decided to make my own.  I bought some fabric at Hobby Lobby and just sewed my own napkins.  I guess they turned out okay since my friend loved them and asked me where I bought them!  You can read how I made them here.



Changing Table Turned Bar

This bar is not just something pretty to look at.  It was finished at the end of last week, and I put it to use when a friend stopped by for a visit.  Then, we also had neighbors over for a last-minute happy hour, and it got lots of use.  Plus, another neighbor brought homemade strawberry mojitos which looked great on the bar!  They weren’t there long though.  Yummmm!!!

Changing Table turned Bar