White Sangria

When we are entertaining, I love to serve a pretty, yet tasty, cocktail.  I always have the standards on hand (wine, beer, bourbon, etc) if someone prefers their usual drink, but I think a little somethin’ special raises the fun level for the evening.  Last week-end when we had some friends over for dinner, I had a pitcher of white sangria waiting for them (and us) when they rang the doorbell.


White Sangria - The 2 Seasons

White sangria is made with white wine, my drug of choice.  I specifically like Pinot Grigio and so that’s the wine I used.  You can easily follow this same recipe and substitute red wine.  Actually, red sangria is more popular than the white version.  I checked several recipes on-line for the concoction and then blended my own version.




1 bottle white wine

1/2 cup sugar

1/2 cup orange liqueur

1/2 cup rum

Various fresh fruits (You can use apples, oranges, lemons, grapes, peaches, and/or pineapple)1 bottle of tonic water or club soda


 – Slice the fruits that you want to use.  For the large pitcher that I used, I sliced one orange, one apple, and some grapes.


 – Stir together sugar, liqueur, rum, and wine in a pitcher till the sugar is dissolved.  Refrigerate till serving time.  This will give the fruits and liquid a chance to absorb each others’ flavors.


– At serving time fill your glass about 1/3 of the way with the tonic water or club soda.  Top it off with the wine mixture and stir gently.  Add a piece of fruit as a garnish.  Please drink responsibly.


Have a great week-end.  Jordan will be here Monday with a post/flash-back from June, 2013.


Take care.