Josie’s Bridal Shower

I think I have mentioned a time or three that our son Cory is getting married this summer on July 5.  We are totally crazy about his fiancee Josie and are thrilled that the two of them found each other.  This past week-end Josie’s sister hosted an afternoon bridal shower at her home in Alexandria, VA.

Cory and Josie - The 2 Seasons

They met at the Kentucky Derby a few years ago, and the rest is history, as they say.



While the ladies did their thing, the guys headed to a baseball game.  Before leaving, Cory helped add some last minute touches.



One of the balloons got away in the two-story foyer so my husband, who is seven feet tall, lifted Cory, who is six feet seven inches tall, to retrieve the balloon.  This could have gone sooooooooooo wrong, but luckily no backs were harmed in this endeavor.




Jordan and Mr. Spring drove down from Syracuse to meet up with us all.



The hostess placed photos of the couple throughout the house.


Josie's shower - The 2 Seasons

The food was delish, and we all really enjoyed it.



Josie’s mom made these good-lookin’ cupcakes.



Barbie cake - The 2 Seasons

This Barbie wedding cake was a big hit with the little ones in attendance.




Because Josie loves her cowgirl boots, these boot cookies were the adorable favors that we took home with us.  They were so tasty.



After lunch, these two gentlemen entertained us with show tunes that had a romantic twist.  We all thought that was a great idea for shower entertainment.



Everyone, including Josie’s mom Janet, Josie, my mom, and I really enjoyed the little show.



During the shower we could stop by the dining room table and fill out a little questionnaire for Josie.


Shower booklet - The 2 Seasons

Each page went into a special binder made especially for Josie.  The questions asked things like how do you know Cory, how do you know Josie, three great qualities about the groom, three great qualities about the bride, etc.



We didn’t plan to wear almost matching polka dots.   After the shower, we all rushed home to prepare for the bachelorette party that started with a cook-out in DC and ended with a party bus.  Let’s just put it this way:  I had my first ever jello shot.  Oh, and I should add that Grandma skipped this part.

Jordan and I are busy making plans for the rehearsal dinner which our family will host on the 4th of July in Nebraska.  This is so much fun!!!


Take care.


  1. Pondside says

    What a lovely party that must have been!
    I’m glad to say, that after more than a month, an email arrived with this post. I hope the ‘glitch in the machine’ has been resolved.