Another Change in the Courtyard

When I was young and growing up in a small town, my brother and I went to Mrs. McCoy’s Theater many Saturday nights.  She showed westerns, comedies, dramas, and scary movies.  It seems as if every single time something horrid was about to happen in one of the scary movies, everything on the screen became quiet except for one thing.  You could hear the sound of wind chimes in the distance.  To this day, I cringe whenever I hear wind chimes clinging.  I don’t like that sound at all because it takes me back to that dark movie theater and the trauma that was taking place on the over-sized screen.   And by the way, I still don’t like scary movies, either.  Do I need a shrink???


Birdbath - The 2 Seasons

On the other hand, I love the sound of trickling water, like the kind you hear from a water fountain or birdbath with a fountain.  Our neighbor installed one last summer, and I just love hearing it when I’m out in our courtyard.



Birdbath - The 2 Seasons

I asked for a water fountain for Christmas, and Mr. Right came through with it.  Well, he didn’t actually give it to me then.  It’s hard to find a water fountain in stores in December when the snow is blowing and most people are interested in buying snow shovels and bags of salt.  However, as soon as they showed up in the stores this spring, I found one and promptly brought it home.



Birdbath - The 2 Seasons

We placed it in a corner so that we can see it whenever we walk through the mud room.The directions were very specific about installing the fountain on a level surface.  I used a wooden shim under one side of it to make sure it is even.  The shim will disappear when it is covered with mulch.


Birdbath - The 2 Seasons

I selected this particular model for two reasons.  I liked the pineapple, which is the southern symbol of hospitality, and it is made of a composite metal rather than heavy plastic.


Birdbath - The 2 Seasons

The sound is just delightful.  Paired with the neighbor’s fountain, we have dualing/dueling trickles.  I’m hoping the neighborhood birds find it quickly and start splashing around.  By the way, the doves that I wrote about a few weeks ago have hatched their second litter.  (Is that what birds are called)???  Her nest is right above the fountain.


Clematis - The 2 Seasons

After revealing to everyone yesterday that I had not yet bought one annual for the courtyard this year, I went out this afternoon and bought almost everything I need to plant.  I’m sticking mostly with white begonias this year.  They look nice combined with the red knock-out roses that bloom almost all summer long.  Also, I wanted you to see the beautiful clematis that is blooming fully for the first time.  This is its third spring.  Last year it had two blossoms.  I think it liked the harsh winter.

Take care.


  1. terry says

    Remember occasionally walking home after the movie in the dark past the cemetery on the hill.

  2. Peggy Schomaker says

    Beautiful fountain, beautiful clematis! I think it is P Allen Smith who said shrubs sleep the first year, creep (roots) the second year, and leap the third year. Looks like that applies to your clematis. I have one that is over 30 years old, and I love it this time of year.

    Love the description of the white begonias and knock out roses in your pretty courtyard; looking forward to photos.

    Blogless Peggy

  3. Rick S says

    I love your Clematis. I can’t seem to get them to grow here despite having an arbor to climb. My mom always said Clematis like their head in sunshine and feet in shade.
    As far as being slow to grow I See that when I move/or plant a Peony bush they need to pout for a year or two before they wake up and start to grow.
    It is a blessing to see such a beautiful garden up close.

    • says

      There’s a saying about certain flowers, and I think clematis are among them: The first year they weep, the second they creep, and the third they leap.