Adding Real Estate to the Courtyard

When we first moved into our home, there was a pesky tree in our courtyard.  It was planted near our sunroom and added much-welcomed shade over the class ceiling/roof.  However, I called that tree pesky for a reason.  It was shedding something almost every month of the year – at least every month that we actually used our courtyard.

Courtyard before

Removing the roots

After two years of sweeping and complaining, I convinced Mr. Right that the tree had to go, and he agreed.  We had it cut down, and our friend Desiree removed the root system.





Removing the tree left two big patches of dirt, and I put a band-aid on the area by buying some square pavers and placing them in those two bare sports for a temporary fix.  Since we moved our table to that area of the courtyard, we had to be careful that one of he chairs wouldn’t slip off into the dirt and toss whoever was sitting in it.



Adding brick to courtyard

Then last fall when our brick guy’s busy summer schedule had slowed, we had him fill in the spots properly with cement and bricks.


For now we have added a fern in the once muddy spot so that it can soften our brick wall, and we moved our grill to the other newly bricked-in spot. (Yes, it was pouring when I took the photo).



Just by filling in the spots that the tree once occupied, we have added some valuable real estate to our courtyard.


Take care.