How to Refresh Your Towels

My towels have not been as soft and plush as they once were, and I wasn’t quite ready to buy new ones.  I learned a little tip I thought I would share.  Beware!  It does include vinegar (which I am not a fan of), but I know the results are amazing.

Towels Before

 All you need to do to freshen your towels is put them in the washing machine to wash and add 1/2 to 1 cup of vinegar.



Vinegar to renew towels

The vinegar helps remove any detergent that has built up on the towels.  I was nervous that my towels would smell like vinegar forever, but they didn’t.  I am happy to report my towels are now a little fluffier and fresher.

How to refresh your towels


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  1. What a great tip, I’m going to try it! I’ve only used vinegar to set my dark or bright colors in their first wash and to remove odors from clothes, so this new use is great.

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  3. dolores says:

    Having problems getting your updates via e mail……………….since April 3…………………..wondering if it is a problem with feedburner. Know they are having problems……………..hope you can help…thanks…dolores…………….love your blog

    • Dolores,

      Other bloggers are having issues as well with Feedburner. Hopefully it will be resolved soon. Thank you for letting us know.


  4. I am going to give this a try, thanks for the tip!

  5. Great tip Jordan! This will probably help get the ship smell out of my towels too.

  6. This is a really good tip! I did this many years ago and it really works I just had forgotten all about it. Thanks for the reminder.