Revisiting the Potting Bench


Can you believe it’s May already?  I fear that Christmas decorations will start popping up in stores any day now.  Grrrr….. (Just kidding – sort of).  Since it’s May 1, we are bringing back a popular post from last year.  It’s a baker’s rack that my mom converted into a bar/potting bench/serving table for her courtyard.  The winter wasn’t kind to the cutting board top, though.  She is in the process of fixing that so be sure to check back to see the solution she came up with.




I have been busy getting the courtyard prepped for summer, and now
that the rain has stopped (?), things are happening!!!


Potting Bench Before

I found a second-hand baker’s rack at a shop here in Lexington called Uncle Ray Jay’s.  It was the basic dark green, but I knew it had great potential after I did my thing with a can of black spray paint.




We have a radon elimination system in our place (have you tested your crib for radon??), and its big, ugly, white, main control is in a corner of our courtyard.  Finally, last week after some of our readers made the suggestion, I had it painted to blend in with the brick.  You can see the pipe peeking out there.  The fern is hiding the main unit.



Potting Bench4

This baker’s rack will come in handy.  I have been on the look-out for something that could do four things:

1. Hide the radon unit.

2.  Serve as a potting station.

3.  Serve as a bar.

4.  Serve as a buffet when we are entertaining.


Potting Bench 5

Well, what do you know?  I found it, and it was a bargain.




When it is not in use, it can look like this, but these items can easily be stored away when it is time to set up a bar.  Since the large shelf is wood, I plan to give it several coats of sealer to help it hold up against Mother Nature, but I can also switch it out for a piece of marble or granite in the future.  Come back later this week because we have made some other changes in the courtyard, and I can’t wait to share them with you.


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Take care.