Three Closet Essentials

Closet essentials

Hi all!!  In yesterday’s post, Jordan shared a little discovery that has helped make her life in the kitchen a little better.  Well, today I am here to tell you three things that I keep in my closet that always come in handy.

closet essentials The 2 Seasons

Although this might seem weird to most of you, I keep this belt hole puncher in my closet.  Sometimes a belt needs to have an extra hole in it because the waistline of whatever I’m wearing is low.  Or maybe the waistline is higher, and I need to tighten the belt up a little.  Well, after not being able to wear something because I didn’t have a belt that fit right, I broke down and bought one of these.  I decided I had spent too much wasted time taking my belts to the shoe repair shop to have a hole added.  And let me tell you, it is so handy and easy to use.  You just place it where you want a new hole to be, and squeeze the two handles together.  Presto!  There’s a new hole.



My next closet essential is a jewelry polishing cloth.  Whenever a piece of my jewelry needs a buff, I just pull it out and shine away.  My jewelry always sparkles.


Closet essential - The 2 Seasons

Excuse the strange photo, but that thing that looks like a dead jellyfish is a shower cap.  Whenever I need to slip a tee shirt, pullover sweater, or turtleneck top over my head, I first put the shower cap over my face.  It keeps my make-up from smearing on the clothes.  (BEWARE:  If you have children in your home, you might want to think twice about this one, or at least don’t put a shower cap on your face in front of them).  I just use a shower cap that I get in a hotel room, and when it gets grungy, I switch it out with a fresh one.

I can’t tell you how these three items have simplified my life, and hopefully, they will do the same for you.

Take care.


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