Updates in Our Office, Part 2

Welcome back everyone to our home office project.  You can see part one here.  Just as background, I want to remind you that we purchased Billy bookshelves from Ikea and customized them into built-in office shelves.



Built in Billy Bookcase

Here they are, and I love them.  It is amazing how the adding the trim and molding really gave some off the shelf bookshelves a built-in look.  Eventually, we are going to add knobs to the doors. Like I have said before, when the camera comes out Gracie loves to pose.  She doesn’t show up too well on the rug.


Book Shelf Full

This is a tough room to photograph, but at least here you can see the whole wall  of the bookshelves and our window seat.  As you know we had a ton of books and these shelves hold a lot.  I wanted to try to decorate the shelves a little big with things we had around the house.  I also thought about painting the back of the shelves, but at this point we decided to keep them white.



Built in Ikea Bookshelves

We decided to make a sitting area in the office, and we bought this love seat at Ikea.  I LOVE it, too.  The art is DIY, and I repainted an old file cabinet to be used as a file cabinet and act as an end table.



The other side is my desk, and I will try to get a whole room photo another day.  Till then I am soaking up the love of my new office.  Not only is it a working office, but when Mr. Spring comes home from work, we hang out in the office sitting area and catch up.  It helps that in the winter this is the warmest room in the house.


Office before

Just in case you forgot, here is the same wall before the bookcases.



Built in Ikea Bookcases

The after.