Another Tweak in the Guest Room

It’s great to be a Kentuckian!!!  After the week-end we had, I don’t think I’ll ever leave home again.  The “Bluegrass State” in the springtime is one of the most beautiful places on earth.  We took total advantage of the weather this week-end, and I’m sort of exhausted.  We biked, walked, played with friends, ate out, went to a concert, went to some parties, went to the movies, and so much more.  I think after the tortuous winter, we all will appreciate the sun and warmth.


Guest room update

Last week I showed you the updating that I did in the guest room, but since then I did some tweaking.  Do you see what I changed?


Guest rom tweak

Now, do you see it?



New rug in guest room

Yep!  I switched out the rugs.  The first rug had all the right colors.  However,when Jordan arrived last week, we looked it over and together we decided the quality just wasn’t there.  What you didn’t see in last Monday’s blog post is that I had not yet removed the tags from the rug because I just wasn’t sure if they were right.  Jordan just confirmed my thoughts.


New rug in guest room

So, I made a quick trip through Homegoods and spotted this design by Nicole Miller.  This pattern was available in green, navy, or red.  I went with the navy.  It’s one of my favorite colors, and the practical side of me said it had a year-round and not just summer look, and so, I could use it in the cool months, too.


Guest room pillows

I’m also going to switch out this upholstered  chair for an antique wicker rocker that I have.  But first, I plan to spiff it up with some bright green paint.



Guest room update

So, call me a happy camper.  The room has enough navy accessories in it to make the new rugs look right at home, and I can introduce one more color by painting the wicker chair.  It’s the one I rocked my babies in, and so it has a special place in my heart.    I’ll sure to show you the results when I get it finished.  Meanwhile, have a great week!  And if you need me, I’ll be in the courtyard today getting it ready for warm weather.

Take care.


  1. Lorraine says

    Beautiful room. I love decorating the guest room ’cause you don’t have to consider hubby’s feelings and can do those quirky things that don’t get a raised eyebrow and subtle, quizzical headshake 🙂 Love the blue lamp and the beautiful yellow walls. Your guests are truly pampered!
    Glad you have such good weather. The snow is FINALLY gone here in Toronto….but we are still waiting for our tulips, etc. to pop up. Maybe for Easter Sunday!!!