They’re Baaaaaaack!!!

Oh, how I love Mother Nature and the wonderful seasons she sponsors.  We are back to the rebirth of spring, and I am thrilled to say that our little love doves have returned to play their part. (Sorry about the photo quality, but I was shooting through the window).


The 2 Seasons doves

This is our third spring here in this home, and our doves have been right by our side.  So, you can imagine how excited I was today to spy both Mr. and Mrs. Dove in their usual spot in our courtyard.  If you are all aghast because my Christmas greenery is still in the planter, I left it there on purpose in hopes that it would provide a welcoming and safe sanctuary for the twosome.


The 2 Seasons love doves

I rarely see the pair together.  As soon as  I shot the first photo from our mudroom,  Mr. Dove flew the coop (pun intended). Doves mate for life, and they definitely share the responsibilities of raising a family.  They take turns sitting on the eggs, and then when the babes are hatched, they take turns tending their brood.



The 2 Seasons love doves

I was hoping the Christmas greens would make a good camouflage, and they do.  Can you see her?  I know.  She hardly shows up.  (Here I am assuming this is Mrs. Dove, and it could very well be the mister).  The past two springs, they laid three sets of eggs and all but one egg successfully hatched.  They are a prolific pair.  I’ll keep you posted on the birth.


Take care.