Great Votive Candle Storage

Jordan and I had fun being interviewed by WBCL in Fort Wayne, IN yesterday.  We weren’t together, though.  She was at a conference for work, and I was in my office here in Kentucky.  You can listen to it here. (Download it and go to minute 22).


I figured out a great place to store our votive candles.  I like to have a couple of dozen on hand for entertaining.  It’s fun to light a little pathway along the sidewalk that leads up to our house, and it’s fun to place them around in the courtyard when we are entertaining out there after dark.  We had a bunch left over from Jordan’s wedding (by the way, Happy Anniversary Jordan and Yankee), and they have been stuffed into my candle cabinet until I had an ah-ha moment.


Candles 4

I spotted an empty blue Mason jar on my pantry shelf and that’s when it hit me.  The candles would fit in there.



I grabbed a half-empty box of votives and went to work.  Maybe I should say I went to play because coming up with solutions is just like play.


Candles 2

The votives fit through the opening perfectly, and there was room for all of them.


Candles 3

Now they are tucked away on the shelf beside the straws.  And you know what?  They kind of look like marshmallows.  Don’t you just love it when a solution can be practical and pretty at the same time!!!

Take care.