Changes in the Guest Room

Happy Monday, and it sure is a happy one for me.  Jordan is on her way to a conference, and she gets to spend the night here with us.  Her visit was just the incentive I needed to make some changes in the guest room.  A few months ago I wrote that I was going to paint the guest room a bluish gray because I was over the yellow.  Well, several of you gave paint suggestions, and I really appreciate that.  However, that all went down before I got my paws on the April issue of Better Homes and Gardens magazine.  They featured a house that had pops of bright colors, and they also showed their favorite pallet for spring.  It just so happens that yellow was one of their chosen colors.  So,  I decided then and there to save my back and forgo a new paint job.


Guest room 1

Guest room

If you think you are seeing double, don’t worry about it.  I am showing you two versions of the very same photo.  The first one is edited by Picmonkey, and I edited the second one on my computer’s photo editing page.  I have been practicing white balance and still am struggling with it.  I couldn’t decide which one was better, so I’m using both!  But I digress…….Jordan suggested that I could update the guest room with just the purchase of some new area rugs.  However, the comforter that I had folded on the foot of the bed, and the shams were really tired looking.  I decided to replace them as well as get some rugs.



Guest room

It’s just what the room needed.  The rugs have my fave colors in them, including navy.  The pops of color really balance out the yellow walls and look fresh and welcoming.



Guest room The 2 Seasons

I pulled out some pillows that I have made in the past, and they matched the new colors perfectly.  That’s one of the major advantages of having the same colors throughout the whole house.  Not only does the house feel balanced, but I can move things from room to room.



With the addition of a touch of brown, this comforter will be perfect in the fall, too.



I also switched up the accessories.  These are two gifts I received for my birthday in January, and they found a home on one of the night stands, which happens to be an old tool cabinet from a hardware store.



Tool cabinet The 2 Seasons

Pottery Barn sells a reproduction of this cabinet, but this is an original that I have had for years.  It has been in many rooms.  The sun was casting shadows on it this morning.



I recently found these two framed drawings that I had stored away in a trunk.  The top one is the garden where Mr. Right and I were married, and the bottom is the childhood home of my friend Molly.  Her mother hosted my bridal luncheon in that home.



I matted and framed this little water color that I found last fall in an antique shop in Paris.  It was originally a note card.  It stands out against the white background of the built-in shelves that are in the room.  I love using old French art and magazine advertisements as unusual accessories in rooms.



This custom-made built-in unit is one of the few things we kept when we bought our house.  It has drawers where guests can store their clothes, is a great place for the television, and will be a great changing table when we get grandchildren.



This tole painted chalkboard makes a nice welcome sign.



Although Jordan won’t need a visitor’s guide to her hometown, I always have some books about the area in the room so that guests can read up on the Bluegrass state.



This chair was in the master bedroom, but now it has a home in the guest room.  Who knows where it will be next???


Guest room

The room and I are both ready.  All we have to do now is wait.  And I just need to add:  GO CATS!!!


Take care.


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    The room is beautiful! You were so smart to work with the paint color. Sometimes just changing a few things makes all the difference.

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    Your room is beautiful. I always like to have a nice guest room too. I devoted two guest rooms to two of my grandchildren who live near me and often spend the night. My granddaughter’s theme is horses. We call it the Kentucky room. These Grandkids were born in Florida (we live here now too). But one of the highlights of their young lives was going to Keeneland. Sorry your Cats lost. We cheered for them even though we’re Cardinal fans!