Our Trip to India

Mr. Right, Jordan, and I spent three weeks in India in February on our annual working vacation.  (To see an article about our trip that appeared in the Lexington newspaper, go here). Well, it wasn’t all work.  We toured for a week, and Mr. Right and I did a week of bicycling.  We saw the sites in and near New Delhi, including the Taj Mahal.  Then we flew to Kumbakonan in the southeast and spent a week working on projects at a Catholic school for 650 children.  Then Mr. Right and I flew to the west and biked near the ocean, farms, rivers, and villages.  We were completely immersed into a completely different lifestyle and culture and loved every minute of it.  I took hundreds of photos, and here are just a few.  This blog post is heavy on photos and light on words.  I just briefly described the shots.  By the way, it was 90 degrees.



India 5

A wedding elephant; containers for water, religious drawings outside of homes;



India 4

Jordan painting; some of the school children; invited wedding crashers;


India collage 20

A public school bus/bicycle; a man ironing beside the road;


India 7

Shapes and colors


India collage 19

Afternoon tea at the Imperial Hotel;



India 11

Jordan enjoying her ride in a tuk-tuk;



india 9

Jordan getting a dot; the two of us with Sister Rosaria, the school’s founder;



India 8

So much color;



India 1



India 3

Beautiful people;


India collage 18

A trip on the water taxi while bicycling and a filled-up water taxi



india collage 17

Architecture similar to the USA


India Collage 16

Interesting shapes



India Collage 15

They sure knew how to carve!



Take care.


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