Tips to Help Your Iron Last Longer

Once upon a time, I bought a cheapo steam iron at a big box store assuming I would be lucky to get two to three years out of it.  Well, that baby lasted 15 years.  Since I know it wasn’t because of the quality of the iron, I can only guess that the way I treated it contributed to its long and fruitful life.


Tips to Save Your Iron

Iron Tips

I buy distilled water by the gallon and just keep it in the laundry room so it’s available when I need to iron.  Pouring out the water after I finish ironing takes away the chance of any sediments collecting in the water chamber.  I hate the smell of vinegar, but evidently, mixing it with some distilled water and running it through a steam iron cleans out all of the built-up gunk on the inside.  I do it twice a year (when you change the clocks in the spring and fall is a good time).  We hope these tips help give your iron a long and productive life.


Take care.