Window Box Inspiration

 Top of the mornin’ to you.  We hope you are wearing green today.  I love windows boxes, and I think they can really help add just the touch a house needs to improve its curb appeal.  Everyone likes lipstick.  This is a little lipstick for your house, and the fun thing is that you can change the color every season.  It is still too cold for me to do my spring window boxes now, but I am counting down the days.


House Tour - The 2 Seasons

Because of the weather here in Syracuse, our window boxes usually look really nice and healthy all summer long.  The summer temperatures are moderate, and so, the flowers don’t bake like they would in hotter climates.  To get ready for this summer, I have been browsing online, and I just wanted to share some of the beauties that have inspired me.


Pin 2(Source)

These boxes are from This Old House, and I love the bright purple with white.  It is important to plant in  layers to get more depth.



Window Boxes


I just love the flowers in front of this house with the black shutters.  I can picture having a glass of lemonade and sitting on a porch while enjoying these flowers.



Window box


I like the spikes in the back to add some height and different textures.  I am not sure of the name of the plant, but I have used them in my window boxes.  Anyone out there know the name of the plant?



Windox Boxex


What can I say?  This is breathtaking with all the colors.



pin 3


I couldn’t get over how long some of the plants are in these boxes.  Thank goodness they are on the second floor.



Pin 1(Source)

If all else fails and you do not have a place to put some window boxes, this is another option.


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