How to To Hide Your Remote

Television remotes are not pretty.  I found something on Pinterest a year ago about hiding a remote in a book.  I was on a kick to update my coffee table look and needed a way to hide our remote control.  I gave it a try, and it was an good fix.

How to hide a tv remote


This project is very easy.  If you want to make it, be sure you have a good cutting knife on hand to make this work.


 Hiding a remote in a book

The first thing you need is an old book that you don’t mind ruining.   I picked up one at the thrift store.



Hiding a remote in  a book

Make sure your remote is going to fit in the book.  We have two remotes, and at first I thought they both would fit in here.  I was wrong.  My other remote is too long, so I will be making another one of these holders for it.



Hide a remote in a book

Once you have the right sized book,  open the cover, flip the remote and place it on the middle of the first page.  Trace the outline of the remote.



Hide a remote in a book

Then use your knife to cut out the pages.



hide a remote in a book

This takes some time. Once I realized I needed a new knife blade, it went a lot faster.



Hide a remote in a book

After I cut out a lot of pages, I traced the remote again and started cutting out more pages. 



Hide a remote in a book

Keep cutting till the remote fits into your book and you can close the cover.

Storing your remote