Snow Daze

We, along with a lot of the country, are under weather advisories.  It’s a great time to do some organizing, catch up on some projects, cook some special meals, and think about summer.


Snow Daze

This was my view from the mudroom into the courtyard today.


Summer courtyard

This was my view six months ago.  Ahhhhhh, snow daze.


Take care.


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  1. I prefer the six months ago view! Come spring!

  2. Send that snow & wet weather to California please!!!! We are so dry & as you probably have heard we are starting water rationing.

  3. How beautiful…we only had a dusting of snow…but cold temps….love your courtyard…so beautiful in every season.

  4. Hi!!!

    Here in Vancouver, BC, we had on two separate occasions had snow fall for two days and then it stuck around for two day and then it was gone. We’ve had a great winter so far!!

    We’ve also have had days when the fog kept the cold in and then the rain came, but, it’s not been bad at all. Can’t wait for Spring and the flowers to come!!!

    Hopefully soon it will start warming up!!!

    Have a great weekend!!!