New Dresser Pulls

This dresser is the very first piece of furniture we ever owned as a married couple.  My grandfather gave it to us.  (R.I.P., Grandaddy.)  He would have loved reading blogs and seeing how people redo furniture.  He was a thrifter and bought and sold antique furniture on the side.  He would have also loved ebay.  But he is not the topic of today’s post.  This dresser is.


Antique dresser

It sits at the bottom of the steps in our basement.  Originally it was white.  Mr. Right spent hours refinishing it for us in our first apartment.  I would never dream of repainting it – ever.  However, the hardware was another story.  It needed a facelift.  Well, it really just needed a little nip and tuck.




The wood is oak and definitely has a yellowish hue.




I used some ORB that I had on hand and sprayed the pulls a darker shade.  Boy, that was the right decision.



Antique dresser

Before they blended right in to the oak wood, and now they stand out kind of like little explanation points.  It was an easy way to change the look of this special dresser.  And if you are interested in how I made the art that sits on top, go here.  By the way, as soon as I took these photos, I decided that this dresser would be the perfect stand for our basement television.  Excuse me.  I have some movin’ and shakin’  to do…..



Take care.


  1. Kathy says

    This is what I mean….the smallest thing but such a difference ….and something we all could do.