Budget Bouquets

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Happy Monday!  We thought it might be fun to bring a few budget-minded posts to the table over the next few days.  After all, it’s January when many folks are recovering from holiday spending and/or trying to stick to a newly resolved budget.


Budget bouquets

Recently, I was on a grocery run when I lucked into a great deal.  I just happened to be there when they were putting out a new flower delivery and marking down the in-stock selections.  I love when this happens because it gives me the chance to load up on an arm full of bouquets without putting out a boat load of money.  I grabbed three bundles and saved myself  $27.00.


Budget bouqets

Now, you are probably thinking that they wouldn’t last long since they had expired.  If you plop them into a vase, and forget about them, that would happen pretty quickly.


Budget Bouquet

To get the most mileage out of them, you need to give them some love each day.  It will take about a minute.  All you do is replace the water daily, and while you are at it, snip off the ends of each stem.  Also, be sure to remove any blooms that are looking less than gorgeous.


Budget bouquet


If you follow these guidelines, your arrangements should last a week, hopefully.  If you live near a florist, a visit to them on a Saturday afternoon has its rewards.  Since they often don’t want to carry their inventory over until the beginning of the week, you might be able to strike a deal with them.  A friend of mine had a house full of roses, and her husband had purchased them all for $20.00 on a Saturday afternoon just by making an offer.


Today is my last day in Syracuse visiting Jordan, and we are headed to the spa.  Mr. Spring and Mr. Right pulled out all of the stops each year and give us a day at the spa with lunch as part of our birthday celebration.  It has become a great tradition.  It’s the only time we can eat in a luxurious restaurant while wearing a plush bath robe.  Oh, la, la.  Then tomorrow, my mom is having knee replacement, and I’ll be flying to her place to help out.


Take care.


  1. Donnamae says

    Great flower tips…those bouquets are so beautiful! Good luck with your surgery…I’m sure recovery should go smoothly… You are in such good shape! 😉