The Downton Abbey Look for Today

Howdy!!  I feel as if we are back to normal now with the holidays and all behind us.  Unfortunately, though, the snow days are still very much here, and Mother Nature and Old Man Winter are once again reminding us who’s boss.  I am supposed to be flying to Jordan’s today via Chicago.  I know.  O’hare Airport is a black hole on a good day.  I shudder to think what it must be like today.  No need to worry, though, because my flight was cancelled.  No surprise there.  Mr.  Right is at the airport as I write this trying to work something out.  Normally we fly on Delta and have medallion status (Mr. Right has over 1.5 million miles with them), but for this particular trip he used United, and we hold no clout with them.  What will be will be.



historic dining room

Did you watch Downton?  I was lucky enough to see the first episode when we did our walking tour in England this past fall.  Jordan and I chose a Downton Abbey theme for our latest Houzz article.  We figured everyone would be so excited about Lady Mary and the gang’s return.  We hope you enjoy it.  Here’s the link:—–Downton-Abbey—-Looks-That-Look-Great-Today


Take care.