Christmas Cards from Christmas Past

I love receiving Christmas cards each year.  It is so fun to get real mail and see my friends with their children.  For years my brother has done a  “joke” card.  Mr. Spring and I decided years ago to join in on the fun and make our own “joke” cards.  This year’s card is still in the works, but I thought I would show you the ones from Christmas past.


Fun christmas card

This was our first year, and it was when we were living in Hawaii.  We were shocked to see how many tourists would buy matching aloha shirts and dresses and rock them out during their Hawaiian vacation.  Now Aloha shirts are very popular and business men wear them on a daily basis, but we thought it was a bit too much to be matchy-matchy.  I don’t like matchy, matchy in our house, so you can imagine how I feel about couples dressing alike.

 Fun Christmas Card

The year we sent this card, we waited till the last minute which usually happens every year.  We happened to be in Vegas for a half marathon that December, and so we decided to have some fun with the card.  After a trip to a beach store to buy the floaties and make the sign, we headed out to the desert.  Let me tell you it was the coldest day in Vegas, but we wanted it to look as if we were looking for the beach.  So, we had to strip down to our bathing suits.


Fun Christmas Card

The following year was the summer Olympics when Michael Phelps was on fire with his eight gold medals.  At the time Mr. Spring was teaching at Georgia Tech, home of the summer Olympics in 1996.  He had access to the fitness center where the actual Atlanta Olympics had been held.  We went dressed in costume and set up the camera.  The life guards were getting a kick out of it.  In case you can’t figure it out, I was dressed as Michael Phelps’s mother, and Mr. Spring was Michael. 


Fun Christmas Card

We like to do something fun with pop culture if we can think of something.  Our next holiday card was the year Kim Kardashian married Kris Humphries.  As you know, by the time Christmas rolled around, they had split.  That is the reason we came up with the greeting.


Fun Christmas Card

I have to say last year was my favorite.  The song Someone I Used to Know by Gotye was very popular, and so was the video.  Saturday Night Live even did a skit on the video.  Well, we tried our best to do our own version.  If you  have not seen the video, you must watch it, and the card will make total sense.  Click here to watch it.



Here was our 2014, we had so much fun with this one!


 I hope you enjoyed our fun holiday cards.  Once again we have waited till the last minute to create this year’s card, so it might end up being a New Years Card.

Happy Holidays everyone!