How To Get Those Pomegranate Seeds

Ahhh!!  One of the things I love about the Christmas season is that it is also pomegranate season.  The juice is delicious and so good for us, and the seeds have such a unique texture.  Mr. Right and I will often have just the seeds for dessert.  They are so much better for us than a sweet treat.



Pomegranate Seeds

Last year I was listening to a Martha Stewart interview on NPR, and she described the best way to get the seeds out.  She said her team had tried different methods, and this one works the best.  So, although this is Martha’s seed solution, I am here to share it with you today.



Extracting pom seeds


The first thing you do is slice the pomegranate in half.



Extracting pom seed

Then for just a few seconds or so, take the time to admire those edible gems.


extracting pom seeds

Then put a bowl in the sink.  This works best because the edges of the sink catch any flying juice.  Hold half of a pomegranate with the seeds facing down.  Then using a large spoon hit the pomegranate over and over again.  The seeds will just fall out and into the bowl.


Extracting Pom Seeds

You will end up with a bowl full of little jewels.  You can eat them just like this or top them off with a dollop of yogurt and a splash of honey.  They are also great teamed up with cottage cheese.  One pom will provide enough seeds for two adults with big appetites.  I hope you give this method a try.  And collectively, let’s all thank Martha.



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Take care.