Our Romantic Get-away to Quebec City

I hope you all are having a good holiday season!  Mr. Spring went to Quebec City for work a couple of weeks ago, and he called me and said we had to return together.  The next thing I knew he had booked a room and planned a trip to this romantic European-feeling city.  A bonus to the week-end plans was that it was driving distance for us.


Quebec City

All of my pictures were taken on an iphone, so they are not the best quality or size.  I have to say we did feel as if we were in Europe with all the French being spoken and the charm of the old town.  Everything was decorated for Christmas in such a clever, classy way.  Here is one of the holiday windows.  They had lots of yummy treats in the window.

Canada ice skating

Our hotel was right outside the walls of old city.  From our room we had a great view, and we could see people ice skating.  This is the only time the rink was not full.  I was shocked how busy it was and how many little kids were learning how to skate.  I guess that’s why hockey is one of the national pass times.


Girl learning to skate

These contraptions were all around the rink to help children learn to skate.  She was an older girl, but we saw some children that looked as if they had just learned to walk and already were on skates.  I said I would need one of these because I am not a good ice skater.  It was fun to watch and Christmas music was playing outside so we could enjoy the holiday tunes – in French, of course.


Holiday Decorations

I loved all the holiday decorations.  I was stopping to take pictures so here you can see a little cafe all decked out in holiday garb.



Holiday Window Boxes

The majority of places had window boxes, and I loved them.  This one was a real log turned into a holiday box.


Holiday decorating

Clay pots were used with lights and branches to be part of the holiday garland.  They looked like little bells.  They were so cute and clever.



Holiday decorations

The day was so sunny and super cold, but I loved the silver outside this restaurant.  I couldn’t tell what it was till I got closer.


Bubble wrap tree

Can you tell what it is?  It is silver bubble wrap cut into squares and put on a stake to make a Christmas tree.  Again, very clever.



Window boxes

More beautiful holiday boxes.



Holiday window boxes

The picture is small but you can see rolling pins and old fashioned mixers in these boxes.  The hand mixers were bright red and looked great with the tree and greenery.



After all of the walking around and touring, we had to stop for some delicious crepes.



Quebec City

  I highly recommend taking a trip to Quebec City, if you can.  It was so much fun to go during the holiday season, and  it wasn’t packed with visitors.  Just remember to take some long underwear because it was cold.


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  1. I’ve been reading a series of books set in Quebec and long to go there to see it for myself. After seeing your pictures – I’m more determined than ever! I especially like the windows decked out with those clever pots and kitchenwares. Charming city!