The Drink With No Name

Our friend Missie shared a drink recipe with us.  She said it is a new concoction that was served this past fall during the Keeneland races, but she didn’t know what it is called.  Well, we mixed it up over the holidays, and we don’t care if it has a name or not.  It is really tasty, and we think you’ll like it, too.  We want to give total credit to the unknown person who developed this cocktail that also is unknown – at least by name.



The Drink With No Name

The recipe is very simple:  Put a marachino cherry in the bottom of a champagne flute.  Add a jigger of bourbon.  Top it off with sparkling apple juice.  (This is the nonalcoholic kind in the grocery in the fancy faux wine bottle.)  That’s all there is to it.  If you can come up with a name for it, or if you know the name, please share in our comments section.


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  1. Not only does it look tasty, it is a pretty drink!…so easy and great for the holidays!

  2. It’s called a Kentucky Bubbly! See:

  3. I don’t know the name but I (and my girls) love a fun, festive drink and this looks like a winner!

  4. This looks delicious, festive, and very easy! I love any drink made with a good bourbon. Thank you for sharing the recipe! :)