Showing Off

This past holiday week-end we hosted some out-of-town guests from Nebraska.  They are the parents of our son’s fiancee, and it was their first visit here.  We wanted to have a little hostess gift for them, and so, I put together a box of goodies to show off some of the local items produced around here.

 Guest Gift


Since everyone has heard of Kentucky Fried Chicken (now KFC), I stopped by a store and bought one of their buckets.  It made the perfect container for everything we bought.  We were sad to see that the colonel no longer holds the main spot of honor on the bucket.  His mug has been replaced by a chicken leg and breast, and he has been moved to the side.  (Picture me with a sad face.)


Guest gift


To add some softness to the bucket, I filled the bottom of it with some shredded packing paper.  Then I added the goodies.


Guest gift

Ale 8 – 1 is a local soft drink that everyone who visits Kentucky must try.  I also added some Kentucky popcorn, and a candy bar called Blue Monday.  It sort of tastes like a sweet Peppermint Patty.


Guest gift

Ninety per cent of the world’s bourbon is made within 50 miles of where we live, but I didn’t want to add just bourbon.  (We made sure they drank some during our cocktail hour, though.)  Instead, I bought bourbon jelly and bourbon balls which are like truffles that have been infused with bourbon…..  I know…… Right?  And of course, since Lexington is the home of the University of Kentucky, we had to have something representing the Big Blue.  I found that in the form of UK peanuts.  I also added some mulling spices made at a local herb farm.



Guest gift

If you are expecting guests for the upcoming Christmas holidays, you might want to do some showing off yourself.  You still have plenty of time to put one or more of your own special guest gifts together.  Have fun and be creative!!


Take care.

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  1. That’s such a fun idea. Years ago one of my best friends moved to Upstate New York. When I went to visit her, she gave me something similar. It’s a meaningful and thoughtful gift.

  2. Fun and thoughtful! We hosted our daughter’s future in-laws for the first time as well on Thanksgiving Day…but they are local….so no favor. But, we are planning “out of town bags” for guests at the wedding.

    • We did something very similar to this for the out-of-town guests for Jordan’s wedding. We added a horse shoe and wrapped them all in cellophane. Since we are in Kentucky, we wanted an equestrian theme.

  3. What a cute idea to use the KFC bucket to hold your “welcome basket” of goodies for your guests…I love to put welcome baskets I will need to come up with a cute idea for a container as you did!!!….Love it!!