Revisiting the White House

Happy Monday!  I found the new definition for the word perfect.  It would be my week-end.  The house was packed with family, and we had the best time.  In addition to eating some great meals prepared by moi (yes, I’m bragging), we played games and cards, watched football, did a 5 k. run/walk, went shopping, did a tour of an historic bourbon distillery, visited a farm for retired horses, tailgated, discussed wedding plans, played with Gracie, hosted a jewelry party, ate out, went on a Christmas light tour, and hung out.  It was the best.  But all good things must come to an end, and so it did.

 White House

We are now into December, which is hard to believe, and it’s time to revisit a popular blog post from last December.  That would be my tour of the White House.  We weren’t allowed to use cameras, but cell phones got the thumbs up. So, although these photos aren’t the best, you’ll get an idea of what Christmas, 2012 looked in the most popular house in our country.  Enjoy the tour!






Since  the powers that be had done a background check  on us, we just had to show our driver’s license and pass through a few security check points.  Then we were able to wander through at our leisure.



The decorations were installed by various garden clubs and decorators from around the country.



Even though it was a special day for us, we were reminded that it was a work day for everyone who is employed there.



White House

The first tree we saw was in honor of our Armed Forces and their families.



 It was a reminder that families are sacrificing so that we can keep our freedom.   Our son and son-in-law both served as officers in the military and both were deployed for a while.  We have an understanding of what those families are going through.



The White House’s hallways were huge, and this was my favorite because it was so bright.



Its windows were decorated with stained glass and wreaths.


This tree in the East Garden Room was by far my favorite.  I just loved it.



Bo played a prominent role in the decorations.



He “hid” large ornaments, like the one above, around the house.  It was a little way of getting the children involved.  We were all given a sheet with hints of where his decor would be.  (Sorry about the quality of this shot).


Although there were guards stationed in each room, I was amazed that we just were able to walk through.  There were groups waiting outside, but we were able to be on our own.


Each guard knew everything about everything in each room where they were stationed.  We could ask about the history of a painting, for instance, and they knew it.



This fruit garland looks perfect on the Red Room’s mantle.



Its windows were decorated with stained glass and wreaths


Although the rooms were big, some weren’t as large as I expected like the State Dining Room.




Here’s the traditional gingerbread house.



This tree was in the main foyer inside the front door.



The grand foyer is where John Travolta and Princess Diana had their famous dance.  It is also where the photos are taken before a state dinner.



 I’m so thankful that Cory and Josie arranged this once in my lifetime experience for me.  It was unforgettable.

Take care.