My Week-end in Istanbul

Happy Monday, everyone!  We are sure you are all knee-deep into getting the shopping done, the house cleaned, the list checked-off, etc.  We are right there with you, but I wanted to share the latest trip I took.  It’s about Turkey, but not the kind we eat.  I have another kind of turkey on my mind.


Istanbul 1

Mr. Right and I flew to Istanbul, Turkey last week-end for a little get-away.  We were actually on the ground there three whole days, and it was plenty of time to enjoy what that historic city has to offer.  We have been there before, but we enjoyed it even more this time around.




Istanbul is a busy city with a lot of people.  Thirteen million people reside there, and they are out and about for sure.  I love to experience the customs of other cultures because I think we have so much to learn from each other.  Some people talk about a melting pot of people.  I like to think of us all as a big ole tossed salad where the flavors don’t blend together but complement each other.   Each difference adds a flavor to the salad that makes it special.



Istanbul 3

We did a lot of walking and saw a lot of interesting scenes in the streets.  Spices, musicians, and friendly guys who wanted their picture taken with Mr. Right.  Sometimes traveling with him is like traveling with a rock star.  He is seven feet tall (a former college and then professional basketball player in Europe), and folks are just drawn to him.  Sometimes mothers have their kids lined up to take photos with him.  Here, I am taking a photo of some men taking a photo of him.



Istanbul 5

Lots of their food is the same as ours – salads, chicken, and cheesecake.




We also ate our share of traditional foods.  Many restaurants had a lady in the corner baking bread that looked like tortillas.  We could eat them plain or have them stuffed with something like spinach.  They were delish.



Istanul 6

We went to the spice market and the bazaar, and of course, there were more photos.



Istanbul 6

And we also did some rug shopping.  I have been wanting an antique kilim rug for our foyer, and I found the perfect one.  We’ve done our share of rug shopping in exotic locales, and we weren’t disappointed.  I’ll share it with you soon.


Take care.


  1. says

    You are welcome to our country… Not only İstanbul each city of Türkiye has different tastes …
    But I am disappointed due to your photo choice “the ladies in black”
    As you also witnessed less than 1% of 75 million people dress like this…
    I think this is exactly selective perception of a foreigner… Loves

    • says

      Thank you for your comment. I selected photos to show differences in culture. For instance, the lady baking bread in the corner of the restaurant is not something we see here in the USA. I showed the carpet stores because our carpet stores here in the USA aren’t set up like yours. And I showed the ladies in black because we don’t see them here either. Our teas are served differently, and our spices are marketed differently. It was all about showing readers small and large differences.

  2. says

    Thank you for showing what you have shown. You took pictures of the natural everyday life in that country. The ladies were in public so therefore meant to be seen. Its not like you were sneaking around their private homes and taking pictures of them inside their private residence. They were out in the public. I appreciate this glimpse into Turkey and everything you have shown us was beautiful!