Make Your Own Mulled Cider Mix

It’s the last day of our Thanksgiving entertaining ideas, and we hope you found at least one thing that you can use in your own home next week.  If you missed out on the first four, you can find them here, here, here, and here.  I mentioned last week that one of our Thanksgiving traditions is to participate in a 5 k walk/run on Thanksgiving morning.  Some of us run, and some of us (ahem) walk the course.  Whatever we do, it’s a good way to get the blood flowing before we sit down for a feast.



Mulled cider

When we return home, we are all really thirsty and cold.  To have a remedy ready, I get some mulled cider started in the slow cooker before we leave.  An added benefit is that the house smells great when we walk in the door.  The turkey is also doing a slow bake in the oven, and the aroma of both the cider and the turkey creates a lifetime memory.




Last year I showed you how to make a table top potpourri.  Well, the same ingredients can be used in your mulled cider.  I know.  I know.  You can easily pay way too much and buy it already made at a specialty shop, but why do that when the ingredients are probably in your cabinets?




I use cinnamon, rosemary, whole cloves, and dried orange peels.  You could also add all spice, if you would like.


 Mulled cider

I have these little gauze bags that I ordered a few years ago, and they are perfect for holding the herbs and spices.



Mulled Cider

I just fill one of the bags with my blend and toss it into the slow cooker that is filled with cider.  In just a few hours, we have an aromatic, tasty, and soothing drink that just might hold us over till it’s time to carve the turkey.


We hope you all have a good week-end.  Jordan and I have lots of big plans.  We’re going to tea and to a play, putting together a fire pit, and maybe constructing a padded head board.  Today I am dog-sitting for Gracie, and she just pulled me around the park.  She’s the strongest dog I have ever seen.  Bless her heart.

Take care.


  1. kathy t says

    I know I have commented before, but you two are so blessed to be mother and dtg. I love hearing your family traditions and the projects you complete. It was nice seeing the whole family in the photo. Have a wonderful thanksgiving.