A New Tradition

Thanksgiving hint

I can’t believe Thanksgiving is so close. Last year we started a tradition at our house that was a huge success.  You might want to start the same tradition during your Thanksgiving celebration.


Give Thanks


 I made a thankful table cloth.  It was super easy to make and overall a huge hit.  This thankful table cloth can be used year after year. First, I bought a drop cloth and washed and dried it.  Then I ironed it. 



Drop cloth

We used this table cloth for dinner Wednesday night because it is a more casual setting. I wanted to have a casual table and start our own Thanksgiving tradition.  It is going to be a thankful table cloth that can be used every year that we celebrate Thanksgiving with the family at our house.


Drop cloth

I used our dining room table as my craft table since it is so big.  I stretched the drop cloth onto the table and found the center.


Drop cloth

Since this will be our thankful table cloth, I decided to stencil “Give Thanks.”  I had some stencils on hand from other projects and just used them.  I bought brown fabric paint at Michaels.


Give Thanks

I left some space in the center so I could add a center piece.  Right now I’m using  a pitcher filled with wheat.



Give Thanks

Next up was the fun part.  I purchased some Sharpie permanent  markers.  I had each person who was visiting with us for Thanksgiving write a message on the cloth about what they were thankful for.  They also dated and signed the cloth.  It was a hit, and everyone loved the new tradition.


Thankful Table Cloth


Thankful Table cloth

 This year we will be spending Thanksgiving in Kentucky so the thankful table cloth remain in a storage bin till next year when we celebrate again together here in Syracuse.  I know this cloth will get lots of years of use and many more messages of thanks.


Thankful table cloth

Do you have an special Thanksgiving traditions?