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Thanksgiving Announcement

Before I share today’s post with you, Jordan and I want to let you know that each day next week we will feature a Thanksgiving project that is easy and helpful and might make your holiday more enjoyable.



I have been sharing my art class progress with you, and today am pleased to have another masterpiece project finished.



Paris Park Leaf

First, here is the photo that I used.  The back story is that I was sitting on a bench in a teeny little out of the way park in Paris on a Saturday afternoon.  I had walked and walked, and it was the perfect place to rest for a few minutes.  As I watched a little boy run around in a Superman cape, I looked down and saw this leaf on my park bench.  I liked the way it looked and snapped a photo.  I didn’t know then that it would become inspiration for a painting.

Leaf Painting

This is the final product.  I’m calling it “Leaf Me Alone.”  It’s kind of a bad grammar play on words.


Paris Park Leaf

And here they are side by side.  I left out the little helicopters because I thought they might just look messy by the time I finished with them.

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Take care!


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      I know. I put it off for years. Lucky for me – when we moved, I discovered that one of my new neighbors is an accomplished artist, and she had an opening in one of her classes. I signed right up.

  1. jamie says

    BEAUTIFUL! I drove down Catalpa yesterday and all the ginko leaves are off the trees and in the street. The sun was shining and they were glowing gold. You should go take a few photos.
    I was there around noon…..if that makes a difference with the light.

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      I will have my mom get back to you when she returns from her fun long weekend. I keep waiting for her to paint my dog Gracie. Maybe one day.

      Have a great weekend.