Dressing Alike

Did you ever dress up in mother/daughter dresses?  We did only one time for Jordan’s First Holy Communion.  We looked so cute in our white dresses with huge pink bows that I bought in California.  You will have to visualize us because I can’t find a photo.  Other than that, we never dressed alike, but we do share some of the same “likes” when it comes to clothes and accessories.



Duluth Trading Company purse

So, I wasn’t really surprised when both of us went crazy over this cool Duluth Trading Company Lifetime Leather Tote Bag  when we saw it at the Haven conference.

Duluth Trading Company purse

We were thrilled and honored when Duluth sent each of us one to try.  There were a lot of women there they could have sent them to, but we were among the lucky ones.  We love this purse for so many reasons.  First of all, I live in horse country, and it fits right in with the way we like to dress.   Also, it is a sturdy leather, is a great size, and can go from city to country to business to casual to travel and works for both of our ages.  It is very user friendly.



Duluth Trading Company purse

I used it as my carry-on when I flew to Jordan’s a few weeks ago.  It carried my necessities along with magazines and my laptop.  When I unpacked, it then became my purse for the week and will remain my go-to purse for this fall and winter.  The bag comes in four colors and sells for $149.50.  When you think about the prices of purses these days, that’s a real bargain.



Duluth Trading Co. purse

So, it doesn’t matter if you are in your twenties, thirties, forties, or (ahem) are older,  this bag can be the stylish accessory you need to complete your outfits.  Even though we are all busy with jobs, kids, blogs, and life, we still want to always be stylish.  With one of these purses in your wardrobe, it is one less thing you need to worry about.


Take care.



  1. Pam E-P says

    I gave in to my lust yesterday and bought this bag! So excited! (I’m also excited because I found a code to get it for 20% off and free shipping. TREAT20. I think the code is good through today.) Can’t wait to get it!