Shower Door Cleaning Tip

Happy Monday!!  I am announcing to the world right now that this is not a sexy post.  In fact, it is downright ugly and embarrassing at times.  It could probably get me a big fat condemned sign from the US Health Dept.  However, I am going to be a brave girl and put it all out there  – yuckiness and all.



Shower Door

You know how you sometimes feel as if you should wear your flip flops into the shower in some hotels?  Well, with our yearly travels in third world countries, I have had that feeling more than once.  Yep!!  The hotel star rating system doesn’t mean the same thing in every country.  On the home front, I knew it was time for a really good take-down/drag-out with our shower because I was starting to feel as if I needed flip flops in my very own bathroom.  I know….I have been traveling four out of the past six weeks, and it was time to do some deep cleaning (also known as fall cleaning) in my home.

Shower door gross

The shower door in the master bath was looking REALLY gross.  I clean it weekly with a vinegar and water solution to get rid of the water spots, but it was all gummed up around the seal, and the glass still wasn’t clear and sparkly.  I decided to put on my boxing rubber gloves and get to work.



Shower door

First, I gently removed the seal and then used an old razor blade to scrape away the built-up crud that was under the seal.




Then I used an old wet wash cloth and some hotel shampoo without conditioner (very important) and gave it a good scrubbing.  You can use any plain shampoo.  It doesn’t have to be from a hotel, but I find that those little bottles have about the right amount to clean our entire shower door.  It is important that the shampoo doesn’t have conditioner because it will leave a residue on the shower door.  You don’t want that.  After the shower door was soaped up really well, then I just kept wiping it off with an old, clean, wet, wash cloth.  When I thought that all of the shampoo had been removed, then I wiped it down with a clean, dry towel.



Clean a shower door w/ shampoo

Do you see anything other than the marble here?  Exactly.  I took this photo from the inside of the shower through the clean glass, and there isn’t a speck of any soapy, yucky residue.  So, what’s the lesson here?  When it comes to cleaning a shower door, use shampoo and water.  That’s all you need.  Save the other cleaners for the rest of the room.


Clean the shower door w/ shampoo

It works great on the door handles and all of the faucets, too.  So, now that my bathroom is back to a good ole USA five star, I’m going to go take a steam bath. We’ll see you tomorrow.


Take care.


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  1. lori jones says

    thanks for the idea!
    so you are talking about cleaning the outside of the shower door, Yes??
    cause if it is the inside , why couldn’t you just spray it with water from the shower head to get the shampoo off.?

    • says

      Lori, I am talking about the inside of the shower. Our shower head will not point in the direction of the door. Plus, more than just shampoo has splattered onto the door. Also, conditioners and soaps splash there, and they leave a residue.