French Yogurt Pots Become Flower Holders

We all know the French are high on taste and fashion.  Well, believe it or not, they combined the two when making yogurt.




This past week when I was in Paris, I was just too full one evening for a meal.  Instead, I opted for some yogurt and fruit which was easily available in a local shop.  Imagine my delight when I discovered this yogurt brand.



French yogurt

It was packaged in little crocks.  Yes, real crocks.


French yogurt

Isn’t it cute?  And get this…….It cost the same as yogurt in the little plastic containers, and it was really tasty.  Lucky me!!!


French yogurt

This next day when I was strolling in the Marais, I saw this little vignette at a local floral shop.  The little pink pots were the same size as my yogurt pots.  So, when I’m not using the pots as votive holders, they will work great for flowers in a tabletop vignette.


French rose

It’s all about the details.


Rose vignette

Those little pots add so much to the overall effect of this tabletop setting.


Take care.


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  1. Beth Lowe says

    Good for you, I brought home a brown one last year. They are perfect for some items as well. I put my tea strainer in it and my Nigella Lawson Mini Whisk fits perectly.

  2. says

    First I would love to say, “This past week when I was in Paris, I was just too full .” You lucky lady.

    What a cute way to use those yogurt crocks. I can’t believe they can sell them at the same price. I notice here they are making single servings at 7 oz. not 8 oz. This really messes with baking because a recipe usually calls for a cup 8 0z. grrrr…..

    • says

      I know. I should have gotten more, but I didn’t want to carry them in my luggage. I was there alone, so there was no Mr. Right to carry my suitcase up the stairs and down the stairs in the Metro and Gare Nord.

  3. says

    When we left, you must have arrived!!…All of us girls were fascinated by the great glass containers that contained the yogurt..which was so yummy!….We all washed out our cups and brought them home…some of them had hard plastic lids…so we saved them too….we will be using them for all sorts of those crocks!