Great Idea from Ralph Lauren

Hi everyone.  I just arrived home last night from a two-week trip to Europe.  Mr. Right and I, along with two friends, did a walking tour in England’s Cotswolds area, and then I headed off to Paris for my annual solo trip there.  Mr. Right went to India to get our annual work project, scheduled for next February, organized.  I have lots of information and photos to share with you, but right now I am in a mini-panic.  The camera I used for the trip, a little Kodak Easyshare point and shoot, is not uploading the hundreds of shots I took onto my Iphoto.  I don’t even know why I took that camera instead of my other point and shoot.  Oh dear.  Jordan thinks she has a way for me to solve this little glitch.  Crossing my fingers.  And speaking of Jordan, I want to give a big shout-out to her because she kept things running while I was gone.  I am spending next week at her place, and we have lots of projects planned. Stay tuned for that!!!


Luckily,  I did take some photos with my i-phone and know you will L.O.V.E. this idea I got at the Ralph Lauren store.   For those of you who are newbies, I love RL.  You can read more of my posts about him here, here, here, here, here, and here.




After I ate a leisurely lunch at Ralph’s, the Ralph Lauren restaurant on St. Germaine, I took a stroll through the store.  And let me just tell you – if I ever win the money lottery (I have already won the family lottery and love lottery), I am spending a big chunk of green stuff on the clothes in this store.  Oh, la, la!!!


television in easel

The geniuses who decorated the store came up with the G.R.E.A.T.E.S.T. idea for televisions that I have E.V.E.R. seen.  Yes, it is that good and does deserve all underlined caps in boldface italics.  They mounted a flat screen television into a painter’s antique easel.  (Just so you know, they were showing only Ralph’s fashion show on the screen with no volume.  It was very classy).



back of tv easel

They mounted the rectangular screen on its side and then the wiring exited the back.  The patina on this old easel was perfection.  Any of you readers out there who can rock with power tools could probably make this baby out of some antique/reclaimed wood.


back of tv easel

I made sure to get permission from a shop girl before I took a few shots with my iphone, but a shop dude asked me to stop. He was very polite.  I assured him that I wasn’t taking photos of the gorgeous clothes, and then he was okay with it.  He probably wondered why this weird person was taking photos of a television stand.



RL Easel

So, all of you out there who wish you had a place for your television instead of over the fireplace, on a piece of furniture, or in an armoire, I have just solved your problem.  Let us know if you plan to make it so that I can be totally jealous.


Before I leave I have to tell you that I chuckled to myself when a little French man sitting at the table beside me in the restaurant wondered out loud, “What is a cowboy steak?”  in his thick accent.


Take care.


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  1. says

    Who doesn’t love Ralph Lauren?! (: I’ve only been to Europe once – Italy, actually – and oh, how beautiful it was. I hope you can get your camera working and uploading! Blessings to you.


  2. Carolyn Rasnick says

    I think I can understand how they could show a video in the “portrait” format but not sure you could watch tv shows this way. I’m thinking you could only view that in “landscape” format on a tv screen. Of course, I am no techy so maybe it’s possible! Would be cool if it was!!!