New Dishwasher

I want to thank everyone for their input on which type of dishwasher we should get. We were not sure to go with white to have it blend in with our cabinets or jump on the everyone is doing it train and go for stainless.  Here is what we had in our kitchen.



Dishwasher old

Labor Day came at the perfect time because our dishwasher was hurting. I was cleaning dishes the good ole fashioned way.  I’m not going to lie.  I love having a dishwasher, and I am still so impressed my grandmother still prefers to wash dishes by hand.



New Dishwasher

Here is the new dishwasher.  The realtor who sold us the house even called me to give his opinion on what we should do.  If and when we ever move, he wants to make sure he will be able to sell it.



New Dishwasher

We went for stainless in the end, and it was only $100 more.  I have to say I am in love with the sleek look.  Now I do know what all the fuss is about.  We researched and read reviews in Consumer Reports.  After checking out the models, we narrowed it down to, we went for the Kenmore Elite.



Removing Old Dishwasher

We purchased our new appliance at Sears, and this was the first time we have ever really been to Sears. We were shocked how easy and painless the process was for this purchase.  We were in and out with the dishwasher in our car in less than ten minutes.



Kitchen Disaster

Mr. Spring was on a mission the moment we bought the dishwasher.  He wanted to get it installed that night.  It was a crazy night in our kitchen.  I was packing for our kayak/camping trip and canning pickles on the side.  It wasn’t pretty.




Dill Spears

Here is a shot of our dill spears I canned while Mr. Spring was working on on the installation.  The cucumbers were all from our garden!  Score!!





Once the old dishwasher was out we loaded it in the car,  the next day I took it to the scrap yard.  In my day job I deal with brown fields and old factories, so I have learned all about scrapping metal and old appliances.  It turns out a dishwasher is not worth much. I received $5 cash for our old washer.  Well, at least I could treat myself to a pumpkin latte.


New Dishwaser

This is our new beauty and it is great.


New Dishwasher

 She is so quiet, and I do love the look.  Next up is a new refrigerator.  Stay tuned.


  1. Emily Lahm says

    Love the new dishwasher. Just wondering, where did you get your kitchen chevron rug???

  2. donna murphy says

    Great choice Jordan! It looks beautiful in your kitchen. Gotta say, my fave picture in the sequence is Mr. Spring wearing his headlamp! Y’all are a great couple, thank you for sharing your projects with us.