Updating an Old Ikea Headboard

Mr. Spring had a whole Ikea bedroom set from his bachelor days, and it has come into our marriage.  Our home has three bedrooms, and we are using  two as guest rooms.  The Ikea set has been put in a guest room, and the door has basically been closed except when guests come.  I was never a fan of the set even though it does get used occasionally.  At this point we thought it was pointless to buy a new bedroom setup. So I decided to make lemonade with the lemons which meant covering the Ikea headboard with fabric.



Ikea headboard

There she is – a matchy, matchy set that is not my style.  Now, I do have to say this worked great for Mr. Spring as a bachelor, but it was time for some updating. I decided that buying some fabric and covering the headboard will help break up the set.   Disregard the shades which I am not a fan of either, but like I said, this door is closed most of the time.

Covering an Ikea Headboard

This set has also made the move multiple times from South Carolina to Hawaii to Maine to Georgia and now to New York.  It has some wounds from all the travels that I was also hoping to cover.  I figured out an easy way to fix it up.



Covering an Ikea Headboard

I bought a simple patterned fabric at JoAnn Fabrics.  This room is gold, and I have not repainted it since we moved in.  I thought right now let’s just work with what we have in the gold.  I thought gray would be pretty against the color. My first step was to iron out all the wrinkles.  Next, I attached the fabric to the headboard.



Covering an Ikea headboard

I pulled the mattress away so it would be easier to attach the fabric.



Covering an Ikea Headboard

I did not go very scientific on attaching the fabric.  I went with good ole duct tape and masking tape.  I used plenty, and I will tell you the fabric is not going anywhere.  Plus, if I get tired of the pattern of the headboard, it will be easy to change.  Don’t worry!   The mattress will cover the tape in the front of the headboard.



Covering an Ikea headboard

Here is a close up of the corners.  Again duct tape helped make this corner secure and tight.  If you do this, it’s important to make your folds nice and neat.

Ikea Headboard covered in fabric

There she is – an updated look for this Ikea set.  You can also see I got rid of one of the side tables and brought in a desk that had been hanging out in the other guest room.  It makes a good side table.  I can still spiff up this room even more, but for now it is much better.

Ikea headboard covered with fabric



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  1. says

    That is just genius !!!
    Good old duct tape saves the day – I would never have thought of doing this in a million years and it looks gorgeous!
    Great job!

  2. says

    Brilliant! And how lucky that the headboard is such a simple shape—that made it easier to cover without curves and different shapes. And you know that you can google all kinds of ideas for “Ikea hacks” and get a gazillion ideas for upcycling the nightstant. Or just simply paint it. I painted some laminate furniture and, after a light sanding, a really good thing to do is to use OIL-based primer. It is more durable, grips better, and it cures faster (so you don’t have to wait so long between steps). I have always shied away from anything oil-based due to the cleanup, but I just used the inexpensive foam brushes & threw them away. Then I covered with a good satin latex and you would NEVER know there is laminate luring beneath, & it is standing up to the wear & tear of a teen boy!

    • says


      I have yet to try painting because I was not sure it would hold up. There is aslo an Ikea Dresser in the room that now might be getting a paint job! Oh and I love seeing all the Ikea hacks they are so creative.


  3. Kathy says

    I really expected to see that you stapled it! This is what I am loving about your blog…..easy changes anyone can do that make a big impact.

    • says


      Glad you are loving our blog. I thought about stapling but duck tape was much better and knowing me I will want to change the fabric in a couple months.


  4. Jill T says

    great idea! You should definitely paint that dresser you’re thinking about and maybe the other nightstand. Paint, duct tape and fabric are so wonderful for transforming almost anything.