DIY Ralph Lauren Pillows, Revisited

It’s Oct. 1, and we are so excited to revisit one of our most popular and fun projects.  With some inspiration from Ralph Lauren, I turned two men’s wool sport jackets into pillows.  They are very classic and the perfect touch for fall and winter.  Enjoy.



IMG 3566 1024x681 - DIY Ralph Lauren Pillows, Revisited

Here in Lexington, where October means race season at Keeneland, we love the equestrian look.  These pillows fill that bill perfectly.


Sports Coat Pillow 1024x681 - DIY Ralph Lauren Pillows, Revisited

Regular readers of The 2 Seasons know I am a fan of the Ralph Lauren look and always stop by his store when I am in New York City and Paris.  You can read about some of my visits herehereherehere, and here.



IMG 3588 1024x737 - DIY Ralph Lauren Pillows, Revisited

I wanted some nice masculine pillows like the ones in the Lauren store.  So, instead of paying hundreds of dollars for them, I decided to make my own.  I bought two sports coats at Goodwill that were on sale for $2.00 each, reduced from $3.99.  It was really a simple procedure.


IMG 3568 1024x681 - DIY Ralph Lauren Pillows, Revisited

This is all you need to do to make your own:


1.  First, cut out a rectangular shape from the front of the sports coat, and then sew the opening shut so it won’t gap when it becomes a pillow.


2.  Cut away the lining and any extra fabric on the inside.  This step will cut down on the bulkiness.


3.  Cut some plain fabric (I used part of a painter’s drop cloth) the same size as the sports coat section you already cut out.


4.  Place the two right sides together, and sew them to each other.  Leave a space large enough to insert the stuffing.


5.  Turn the pillow right side out and fill the insides with pillow stuffing.  This works better than a pillow form because the shape of the pillow will probably be an odd size since it is being constructed from a sports coat.


IMG 3587 1024x681 - DIY Ralph Lauren Pillows, Revisited

Along with a throw, I put them on a bench in the upstairs hallway.  Then I put a pair of boots beside the bench.  It all fits in nicely with some equestrian prints that hang on the wall in another part of the hall.  Even though I didn’t buy these pillows from him, I’m sure Ralph would be pleased with the way they turned out.

Take care.