As Seen on T.V.

Who hasn’t stopped to watch an infomercial to see what a product can actually do?  And who has believed them?    I am not going to lie. I love seeing all of those products that most likely won’t deliver their claims.


As seen on TV

Well, this guilty pleasure got the best of me this summer, and I ended up with two “as seen on T.V.  products.”



Pocket Hose

Have you seen this?  Its claim to fame is that it is light and folds up small.  When you want to use it, the hose fills up with water and extends up to 50 feet.   The other day I saw one and thought for $19.95 that I would give it a try.


OMG! I love it!  It is amazing, and I only wish I bought it sooner.  When I water our garden, I have to lug our huge hose around to the side of the house. It takes longer to get it setup and put back together than it does to water the veggies.  Now with this hose, it is a snap.  I highly recommend it.  The color is a little crazy, but it is fun.


Magic Mesh

My next as seen on T.V.  purchase was the Magic Mesh.  I think they could rename this item, but I thought I would give it a try.  When I am working from home and it is nice out, I leave the backdoor open for Gracie to go in and out.  Otherwise, she will ring her little bell to go back outside the moment she comes in.



Yes, our dog rings a bell.  We taught her to ring a bell that hangs by the back door with her nose  when she needs to go outside. When we are upstairs and she needs to go out, she is more dramatic in her ringing and gives it a bigger nudge with her nose.  (Funny thing  – as I was writing this, she just rang the bell.)


Back to the product review – When it is nice out, I just leave the back door open so she can come and go as she pleases.  However, the flies and other bugs were coming and going as they pleased, also.     This is where the Magic Mesh comes into play.



Magic Mesh

I hung it on our backdoor, and the moment I hung it I thought wow that is tacky.  Even though it was tacky, it did serve its purpose.  The flies stayed out, and Gracie could come in and out.  It didn’t last long because the velcro started to rip off of the curtain, and the sticky part of the velcro was coming off of the door.  After a couple of weeks, I threw it in the trash, and Gracie is back to ringing her bell.


So, there you go. You have my take on “As Seen on T.V.”

Are there any products you have tried or secretly want to try?


Images from Google.  All opinions are my own.


  1. says

    So glad you “went before me” on the Magic Mesh! Like you, I thought it was tacky looking. But also like you, my two small dogs love to go out on the wood deck when the weather is nice. If I close the door, then they scratch up the door when they decide that their lounging in-the-breeze-time is over. But when I leave the door open, have bugs & flies in the house. I had thought about the Magic Mesh as a practical solution but never got around to buying one. Based on your review, I won’t bother. But you may have sold me on the Pocket Garden Hose:)

  2. says

    We also purchased the pocket hose and love, love, love it. It must be a hit because we went to our local “As Seen On TV Store” and they were all sold out. We also have tried the cat comb – it’s terrific. My daughter’s family love their magic bullet.

  3. Debbie L. says

    I purchased the pocket hose as well. I love it. I only wish that I had bought it before spending triple the amount on a similar hose from QVC. The hose from QVC worked okay for about 3 months and began to kink on the inside and then exploded! The pocket hose works great and no explosions. Live and learn, I guess.