Our Annual “Movie on the Lawn” Party

If you are new to our blog, you will learn our neighborhood is pretty active.  For the third year, Yankee and I hosted our annual “Movie on the Lawn” party.  We decided to show the classic, Caddyshack.




Movie Party Invitation

To get guests to come to your party, you need to invite them, of course.  I know evite is great, but the southern girl in me likes the old fashioned paper invitations.  I saw something similar to this on Pinterest and thought it would be cute to have a preppy golf theme since the movie was Caddyshack.  This invite was super easy to make.



Putting together the actual party is not that hard.  We rent a popcorn machine from a local rental company, and then I purchase candy and make something else.  Neighbors also tend to bring some food to munch on for the movie.  I have thought about setting up a popcorn bar instead of renting a machine, but I don’t normally buy popcorn at the theater.  So, once a year my guilty pleasure is eating the not-so-good-for-you popcorn.



Movie Tape

This reel of movie tape was for sale for $3 at a small movie theater, and I bought it last December thinking it would be fun to use to decorate the popcorn table.  People had a blast looking at the reel trying to figure out the movie.



Candy Bar

Candy is a must at a movie party.  I just head to Sam’s Club and buy a couple packs of candy bars and refill the table as needed.  We always end up having some left over candy, but I hide it from myself till Halloween and give it to the little trick or treaters when they come by and ring the bell.  They are happy to have candy, and I am happy to have it out of the house and not tempting me.  Miss Gracie was so cute just sitting like a little angle as I was setting up the candy table.




You would never know from this sweet picture that she is a high, high, high energy dog.




Yankee, had some golf clubs I pulled out and decided to use as decor for the party this year.



Sausage cheese balls

I  decided to make some sausage cheese balls since they are easy and a good snack.  Instead of toothpicks, I used the extra tees I had from the invitations.  I gave them a wash and they were perfect to use as toothpicks.



19th hole

I brought down my new bar from the porch and used it for the party.  It was turned into the 19th hole and worked great as a bar.



Outdoor bar

Dixie Delights had the cutest sweet tea bar set up for a party in the summer.  She featured Arnold Palmer drinks, and I knew that was perfect for  Caddyshack.  Being from the south I knew about Firefly sweet tea vodka, but no one in the north had heard of it.  I have to say they enjoyed it.



Drink Menu

I also loved the idea that Amanda from Dixie Delights did a drink menu.  This way my guest learned all about what you can make with sweet tea and vodka.



19th hole bar

I love wrapping water bottles for a party.  It is so easy because all I did was cut some scrap book paper and tape on the new label.  I put a gold sticker to help with the theme.



Donut holes

I made these candy jars for our movie party last year.  I repainted the bottom and brought them back out again.  This one held hole-in-one donuts.



Glow Sticks

Everyone loves glow sticks so they are fun to have for your guests.


It did get a little chilly so I had a blankets for guest if needed, and the coffee bar/hot chocolate bar was inside if anyone need to have a warm beverage.  We have a fire pit, and we started the fire before the movie. If anyone needed to warm up, they could huddle around the fire. I was having too much fun and forgot to stop and take photos.

Movie on the lawn

The screen is a must and I just bought sheets to make the screen and curtains.  We used to use two trees to hang our screen but due to a summer storm we lost one and had to rework the screen this year.  You can get creative if you can’t hang a screen by using the side of a house.  A garage can also work as a screen.


Overall it was another successful movie on the lawn party.  Now what to show for next year…


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  1. says

    Jordan you always have the cutest ideas!! I loved how you made the candy jars last year and those invitations are so adorable. This always looks like so much fun and I think it is awesome that you and your neighbors do such fun things like this and the Wine Crawl.

  2. says

    Looks like a fun party. We like to do backyard movies too, but I usually don’t plan as many clever treats as you do. I will have to follow your example and get a little more creative.

  3. mary crain says

    I look forward to this. Great ideas. I like the tees as toothpicks. And the hole in one donuts.Great idea. Nice way to bring people together.