The Perfect Week-end

We normally don’t write about what we did over the week-end.  It’s too much like those “How I Spent My Summer” essays we all have written in school.  That being said, Jordan and I had what could be called the perfect week-end.  We weren’t together, unfortunately, but we each spent quality time with our husbands doing what we love.


Kayak Camping


Jordan and Mr. Spring  spent the week-end camping and kayaking in the Adirondacks with their dog Gracie.

Historic Home

A fun part of my week-end was going on a remodeled homes tour with my good friend Lizanne.  And the highlight for me was when I was recognized!!!  I know…….It was so cool.  Being recognized as a blogger by a loyal reader took my breath away.  So, thank you, Jamie.  You were my first.



Horse 1

Mr. Right and I managed to put in almost 100 miles on our bicycles.  We had the most perfect weather here in the Bluegrass for cycling.  We also fit in the new Woody Allen movie, a street fair, some good eating, and maybe a little bit of wine.

Horse 2

One of the sad parts of the ride, though, was being reminded that it is weaning season on the horse farms.  I wondered if these mamas were missing their young.  At one farm I saw eight weanlings lined up along a fence.  I’m sure they were missing their moms.  The farmers try to put a bunch of the weanlings together so they can be a support system for each other.

Horse farm

I never tire of pedaling past scenes like this.  We have three types of fences that are frequently seen around here.  Although horse farms once used only white fences like the ones you see in the background,  they are very expensive to keep up and need a new paint job sooner than the other types.


Black fence

That’s why we see mostly these black fences now.  Once I was cycling past one of these fences that was in the process of being painted.  The painter saw me and stopped, but there was a little breeze, and the paint he had just sprayed blew right onto me and my new bike.  Luckily, I was able to wipe it off since I acted quickly, but my bike jacket was history.



Stone fences

We also rode past plenty of these beautiful and historic stone fences.  They were first built by Scottish laborers in the 1800’s (maybe 1700’s).  I just know they are really, really old and really, really beautiful.




And before I close for today, I need to rant a little bit.  What is it with guys in pick-up trucks?  In seems that every time someone has played a prank on us while we are cycling, it was a man or men in a big ole pick-up truck.  Now, all of you guys out there who get your kicks out of picking on little ole me, I have a few questions for you:  Have you ridden your bicycle across the country?  Or through in the Sahara desert?  How about in Asia?  Or from the bottom of England to the top of Scotland when it rained 20 of the 21 days?  How about from the top to the bottom of France on some of the same routes used for le Tour?  Have you climbed the Inca Trail to Macchu Picchu????  Have you??????  I doubt it.  So the next time you need to test your testosterone, you better find someone else because I. CAN. TAKE. YOU. DOWN!!!!!


Jordan and I have been busy with projects.  I’ve been painting and can’t wait to share, and Jordan has been busy moving furniture.  Plus, we have some great tail-gating recipes to share so be sure to come back.


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Take care.



    It was so exciting to meet you yesterday. What did you think of the Third Street house?
    Oh and I forgot to tell you that we both share a love of cows too.

  2. Cindi says

    Janette, sadly enough those “guys in the big ole pick-up trucks” have probably never heard of all the wonderful places you have been!!


  3. Donnamae says

    I love all those stone fences…so beautiful, and so many variations! I’m with you on pick-up drivers…most of them are…can’t say, this is a G rated blog. I agree with Cindi! 😉