A Birdhouse Tour

I live in the city of Syracuse, and it is amazing how much of a neighborhood feel we have in this area.  I even wrote about the history and gave a mini tour of the neighborhood here.  There is a creek, or we call it a brook, that is about a mile long near our house.  There is a street on each side of it so that it serves as the median.   We have multiple end-caps along the street to store plowed snow in our winters months.   Last year, we noticed a birdhouse up at one of the end-caps.  Then one by one birdhouses started popping up at the other end-caps.  Before we knew it, someone was planting flowers.  Now we have these fun birdhouses and beautiful flowers for the neighborhood to enjoy.



House birdhouse

This was the first birdhouse to appear, and I felt like it happened overnight.  The person who had this idea made the birdhouse to look exactly like his house which is on the corner.  It think it such a cute birdhouse just like his charming house.


Birdhouse Tour

Right now the flowers are in bloom and so beautiful.


Church Birdhouse

Another birdhouse to appear is a church in the neighborhood.  This one on the end-cap is across the street from the church.


Church Birdhouse

The first signs of spring for us which might not come till May are the jonquils and tulips that fill in the end-caps.  Then everyone knows our winter is finally over.


Airplane birdhouse

Next up a airplane birdhouse.  I do not know the history behind this birdhouse, but it is unique, and I am a fan.


Dog House Birdhouse

While these are birdhouses, someone made this birdhouse to look like a dog house.  It looks as if the dog’s name is Kora.


Syracuse Bird house

We live close to the University of Syracuse, and this Syracuse University basketball birdhouse is appropriate.  Plus, it is right at the road that goes up the hill to the university.  Turns out there was a controversy with this birdhouse.  Some neighbors were not  fans and called the mayor’s office multiple times to have them remove the house. People who did not live in the city even knew about the drama with this birdhouse.  Well, you can tell the birdhouse won.


Syracuse Birdhouse

I thought the whole thing was crazy and pretty funny.  This was seriously a first world problem, and I wish those neighbors used their extra energy to volunteer or do something worthwhile.



Birdhouse tour

We have more birdhouses,, but these are my favorites that I wanted to share.  I hope you enjoy them as much as we have. We are loving our summer weather!


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  1. Pondside says

    I think the neighbours are using their energy in a very positive way to make the world just a little nicer.

  2. says

    These birdhouses are so cute and very classy. It is quite a beautiful neighborhood trend you have going – Thanks for the eye candy. This gives me an idea to create a vignette incorporating potted flowers and my new wine box birdhouse that I wrote about last week.