How To Customize Standard Curtains

Why is it so hard to find long curtains?  We have had curtains that are too short in our bedroom for some time now.  The rod needed to be raised, but I wasn’t finding curtains long enough.  So, the last time that I was in Ohio for business, I stopped by Ikea and picked up the plain white curtains that were long enough at 95 inches! My plan was to add some interest to them.  I stenciled curtains for our dining room, and I knew it could be done again.  This time, though, would be stripes.


DIY Painted Curtains

You are finally get a rare glimpse into the master bedroom.  We really are trying to make it a blog-free zone, but I am so proud of these curtains that I just had to share.


Painted Curtain

The only problem with this project is I needed a large space to work.  I used the floor in my living room when I did the fun task of measuring.  I was going along listening to music and ready to start painting when I realized I didn’t account for the width of the tape.  So, when I thought I was finished, it was back to the floor to measure, pull up the tape, and measure everything again.


Mod Podge for Curtain


Once the tape was on the right way, I moved the curtain to the dining room table.  From there I worked in sections.   I found a great tip online, and I am sorry I don’t remember where, but it is brilliant.  Once you have the painters tape down, go over it with Mod Podge.  This step will help seal the tape to the fabric, and you will have a sleek line at the end.  Plus you can paint right over the Mod Podge after it dries.



Painted Curtain


I didn’t have a small roller on hand so I used a brush and it worked fine.  I did two coats for complete coverage. I used the color Pier by Behr and I was really happy with how the color turned out.


Painted Curtains

I had to paint the stripes in sections and let them dry.  After they were dry, I removed the tape, and was thrilled to see the crisp lines.  I rehung the curtain rods higher and put the curtains in their new home.



DIY Painted Striped Curtains


Not only am I happy  with the look, I am happy finally to have curtains long enough!  Yay!!



DIY Painted Striped Curtains

Tonight’s project is to hang the new louvered blinds we bought for this room.  While these curtains are much better than the old ones, they are more for looks than function.  The sunlight shines brightly through them in the mornings.  The blinds will help with that little problem.


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    Love this! thanks for the Modge Podge tip. I will have to try that. I wish I knew that trick when I made my floor cloth this last spring. It’s a chevron pattern and the tape leaked so I had to go back and touch it up again. Oh well.
    Best wishes!