Staging Kitchen Shelves

Reading all these blogs is a great way for some inspiration.  That inspiration and a magazine article my mom found gave me the idea to do something with our moveable kitchen island/cabinet.


Ikea Base Cabinet

This is the Varde Base Cabinet by Ikea.  We had a blank area in our kitchen, and we thought it would help give us extra counter space and storage.  When I’m cooking dinner, Mr. Spring will sit on the stool, and we catch up on our day.  When he’s the cook, I park my bottom there.



Ikea Base Cabinet

Right behind the cabinet wall is our dining room.  We have discussed opening the wall a little more, but we are not sure if we will actually ever carry out that plan.  The kitchen flows nicely now into the dining room, so it is a project way down the line if we decide to go that direction.  Anyway, this piece has come in handy for cooking, too.  When Mr. Spring and I are cooking together, we are not on top of each other, and we can each have a work space.



Ikea Base Cabinet

At first we used the shelves as a catch-all and just stuffed them with some dishes that we do not use very often.  My mom cut out a magazine picture that had a base cabinet similar to ours.  It was staged and looked so good.  Slowly, I am learning about vignettes and how to place things, so I decided it was time for a vignette of sorts.  I tried to make my shelves look like the ones in the magazine photo.



Base Cabinet

Since I rarely use the dishes that were currently under the cabinet, I put them in the storage area above the oven.  I borrowed some things from around the house and added them to the shelves.



Base Cabinet

The wooden salad bowl actually gets used a lot more now that it is in view.  And oh, by the way, I realize that this island/cabinet is not white like the rest of our kitchen cabinets, but it blends in well with the hardwood floors and adds a little diversity.




The books helped add some color to the wood colored cabinet.  This True Grits  book is a cookbook from my time in the Junior League of Atlanta.  You can never go wrong with a Junior League cookbook.




Well that is the updated kitchen base cabinet.  Now I need to decidewhat to do with those darn cord right above the cabinet counter.


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  1. shannon says

    I love the way you have arranged your cabinet. All you need to do to hide your cords is set a largish piece of art on the cabinet. Let it lean against the wall and cover the cords. Maybe commission your mom to paint one for you.