An Update Without Paint

Hi, all!!!  I have a little project idea that came about because I wanted to change the color of a piece of furniture without painting it.  Let me get more specific here.  We have a hutch in the sitting area of our great room that I use for books and knick-knacks.  In our last house, it was the china cabinet in the dining room.  Since it was an investment piece, there is no way I am going to paint it.




I decided the easy fix would be to apply some wallpaper to the inside in a temporary way.


The items that are displayed inside of the hutch just sort of blended in with the background.  Even when its interior light was on, they still didn’t show up.  Many of these things are little treasures that I would like to catch a glimpse of when I walk by.



I bought some grasscloth wallpaper in a soft blue shade (forgot to take a photo) and some of this foam tape.




It is pre-cut and easily attached to the hutch’s interior.  The nice thing is that when I change my mind and want to change the look, it will be easily removed, too.




It only took about an hour from the beginning to the end of this project.  Once the tape was in place, I measured the wallpaper and cut all of the pieces out at once.



Once the wallpaper was in place, I replaced the items.  That little framed item is the handkerchief I carried at our wedding.  The school bell in front of it was a gift from my brother-in-law to honor my teaching career, and the little silver bowl holds my crystal wine stopper collection.



The hutch also holds old family books, some mementos from my mother-in-law, and a family photo from Jordan’s wedding.  Occasionally,  I switch things up by more often than not, these are the main items because they are special to me.


For those of you who have been wondering,…. I didn’t win the pie-baking contest nor did I place.  That’s okay.  Entering one of these contests was on my bucket list, and I might just do it again next year.


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Take care.

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  1. says

    It’s amazing how the change of background really highlights the the items on display, and having special items out as a reminder of who we are is so important. Interesting that you were a teacher – primary or secondary? I retired last spring after 34 years of teaching high school.

  2. Cindi says

    Great idea. You could also use the 3M Command strips for posters….just a thought