Easy Bulletin Board Update

I had just a blah plain bulletin board in my office, and it was time to spiff it up.  It was a simple project that makes all the difference from my original boring bulletin board.



Fabric covered bulletin board

Plain bulletin board


I forgot to take a before photo of it on the wall covered in stuff  like picture, but here you get the idea.  Plus, when doing this project, I realized I didn’t need half the receipts and other misc. items I had tacked up there.  It was some spring cleaning for the board and bored.



Iron fabric

I got  yard of gray and white fabric.   I thought simple and classic.  First, I ironed out all of the wrinkles.



Fabric Bulletin board

After ironing, I sprayed the cork part of the bulletin board with spray adhesive and put the fabric down.  I was sure to smooth out any wrinkles.



Fabric Bulletin Board

Next up were the little gold thumb tacks.  I needed a lot more than I thought.   I used a little less than 200 for this board.  I decided to give a little space between each one, and I didn’t go too crazy if they were not straight.  I did the best I could.  And honestly, when it is hanging, it looks great.  I can’t tell if one is off a tiny bit.



Fabric bulletin board

Once I finished pushing in all those little tacks, it was time to secure the back which was easy enough with a glue gun.



Fabric covered bulletin board

I love the custom look the board now has, and it really does help spiff up a corner in my office.


fabric covered bulletin board

One thing I did tack right back on were some family pictures I have.  One of my parents on their wedding day, and the other two are both sets of my grandparents looking all lovey dovey.


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