DIY Nautical Candles


I was at Target the other day and saw these cute candle holders from the Nate Berkus collection.  I thought they were very cute but knew I could make them for a little less than the $20.00 they were marked.



Target Candle holder



DIY Rope Candle Holders

 First, I bought two glass containers at the dollar store and some rope from Home Depot.  Be careful!  It takes a lot more rope than you would think.  I bought three feet for each candle.



DIY Rope Candle Holders

 All I needed to do was use a glue gun to attach the rope to the glass jar.  Carefully, I wrapped the rope around the jar and glued as I went.  I didn’t attach the buttons like the ones on Nate’s candles because I would like to find a little anchor or life preserver to use.



DIY Rope Candle Holders


Mr. Spring was on the sailing team at the Naval Academy and loves anything nautical.  Even though I am using it on my girlie books right now, I plan to create a summer nautical vignette for him.  The candles will be a perfect part of it.


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