I Painted This, and You Helped

Back in February we wrote a blog post about how to create a still life (here).  My neighbor is also my art teacher.  One afternoon she came over, and we spent some time using my items to create different vignettes, and I photographed them.  Then, I narrowed it down to my two favorites and asked our readers to decide which one I should paint.




You chose this one.




And I painted it with a little influence from Matisse.


Still Life Collage


You can see that I removed the sugar packets and added tea to the cup.  This was the first painting that I did loosely, and it was fun to not have to be as exact and precise as I tried to be before.  If you would like to see a few of my other paintings, you can go here, here, and  here.


Take care.


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    Wow this looks fantastic. I love the light and shadow you caught on the tea pot. I am really drawn to the blue pin light you made around the orange and I am so impressed that you were able to turn so many of the objects compared to the photo. I tried turning a moose a couple of months ago and I it didn’t uhm turn out great, shall we say 😉

    Love the colors in your drawing too.

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    Great job, Janette. Certainly reminds me of the great French painters. Just returned from Provence and visited Van Gogh’s hospital.

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      That’s quite the compliment. Thank you. Twice I have been to the town where Van Gogh was buried. He lived there the last four months of his life and made quite the impact. Some of his famous paintings were done during that time. He was also very manic then.