It’s A Girl!!!

Well, actually it’s a boy, but I’m calling it a girl.


IMG 5216 1024x681 - It's A Girl!!!

Do you see her there cooing beside her Big Daddy?


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Okay, Blogland.  Get ready for a collective gasp of disbelief.  I bought myself a Lazy Girl Boy.  I know.  I can’t believe it either, but here’s how it came to be.


IMG 5223 1024x681 - It's A Girl!!!

I have been looking for a new neutral chair for our great room since we moved in almost two years ago.  (By the way, I’m hunting for a table to replace that round covered table). While doing this chair search, I was always curled up in Mr. Autumn’s comfy Lazy Boy that we bought when we moved in. He had to have one to watch his sports and the news.   After looking and looking on-line and in stores, I finally came to the conclusion that I would check out the Lazy Boys.  After all, if they are good enough for Brooke Shields, then they must be good enough for moi.  Plus, I could get a mini-version of the big chair so that they could be “same, same but different”.  (There’s one of my favorite lines again).


IMG 5225 1024x681 - It's A Girl!!!

We first bought a Lazy Boy over 30 years ago when our children were little.  It was in a neutral corduroy fabric, and I hesitated to go with such a light color back then with small kids around, but I did.  Well, let me tell ya……that chair is still alive and well in its same fabric and living in my brother-in-law’s Florida get-away.  It spent time in our single son’s bachelor pad, too, so it has seen some wear and tear.  BUT, it still looks almost brand new.  I think we had it professionally cleaned once, and that’s it!!!!


IMG 5226 1024x681 - It's A Girl!!!

That’s why we chose almost the same fabric for our new chairs, both his and mine.  We did have them treated by the Lazy Boy folks with a protective solution before they came home with us.  I like the texture that the corduroy provides.  After all. you know I like texture.


IMG 5224 1024x681 - It's A Girl!!!

So, here I am standing tall (actually sitting comfortably) and admitting that yes, I bought a recliner for myself.  And if you are wondering where I can be found many evenings, I will be sitting with my blankie, computer, magazines, watching The Housewives of (fill in the blank), and sipping tea while enjoying some down time.  We rearranged the room, and I’ll share it’s new look with you later this week.  By the way, this is not a sponsored ad for Lazy Boy or anyone else.


Take care.

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  1. says

    Good for you! Such a pretty chair and after all, isn’t it really about living in our homes and being comfy! We will be getting pieces for our great room and I’m considering it myself! Such a pretty room, love your skirted table too! Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!

  2. Donnamae says

    Never would have thought that chair was a lazy boy…so stylish! Good for you, comfort should always reign supreme! 😉