Our New Art in the Living Room

I have hit a wall – a big, bare, blank wall that is in our living room.  It has been pleading for some art for a while now, but we just couldn’t find the right fit.   The wall hasn’t always been this bothersome.  For a while, we had a large television on this wall, but when we bought a new flat-screen, we hung it above the fireplace.  Then we were able to purchase a love seat for much needed seating, and we put it in the old television’s former home.


Living Room


For a while, I thought about making/painting something to hang there.  I knew it would need to be large to make the right statement.



Then I made a stop at Homegoods and found this treasure.  This is an extreme close up that really highlights the colors that I was loving.  My only fear about buying it was – would it fit in my car????



This baby was on a 4 feet by 4 feet painted canvas, and yes, it did fit.  Thank goodness.




Mr. Spring helped me hang it.  We both love the colors and how fun the canvas is in the room.




Our sofas are neutral, so now I can really have fun with pillows and bringing some of the colors of the canvas into the room.



Don’t you think it is just perfect?????


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  1. says

    The colors in the painting are beautiful and it really adds a pop of color to your room. Thanks for linking to the Open House Party.

  2. says

    That painting looks gorgeous. Fits well in you room and adds so much fun to it.
    Kudos to the artist for such awesome work.

  3. Pam E-P says

    I do love it, but I still haven’t forgiven you for getting my hopes up about The Amazing Race! 😉

  4. donna murphy says

    Perfect! Such an inviting and happy living room. Love everything about this space.